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Sweating your assets
Cut costs and get as much use as possible out of your IT resources

We offer out of warrantee services in the Datacenter. Maintenance Services, refurbished equipment, upgrades and rentals.

For IT professionals, economic downturn presents an opportunity to reprioritize, and consider new models for delivering services and resources. It’s time to sweat the your already available assets.
Maximizing the effectiveness of the IT support organization with AMCOTEC is an ideal way to sweat your assets.

Extent the Life of your Assets

What does Sweating your IT assets mean?

“Sweating your IT assets” is a term often used in business and technology to describe the practice of maximizing the value and useful life of existing IT infrastructure and equipment. Here are the pros of sweating your IT assets:

  1. Cost Savings:
    • Capital Expenditure Reduction: Extending the life of existing assets can delay the need for significant capital investments in new technology.
  2. Maximizing ROI:
    • Full Utilization of Investments: By using assets until the end of their life cycle, you can extract the maximum return on your initial investment.
  3. Stability:
    • Familiarity and Stability: Older systems are often more stable, and employees are familiar with their operation, reducing the need for extensive training.
  4. Environmental Impact:
    • Reduced E-Waste: Extending the life of IT assets contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste.

It’s essential to find a balance between maximizing the value of existing assets and ensuring that the technology infrastructure can support the organization’s evolving needs. Regular assessments of the IT landscape and strategic planning are crucial.

Sweating Assets Without the Risk

We help you sweating your assets better by streamlining assets related processes and making better strategic decisions.

Baseline datacentre assets

Life cycle health-check

Asset by asset extended maintenance SLA

Rapidly reduce cost of maintenance

Services provided on a month by month basis

No early exit penalties

Sweating your assets


Proactive maintenance of equipment before a fault or failure occurs. Routine tasks to ensure that your system is running optimally and to avoid problems before they arise


‘Repair,’ is the correction of a problem after the system has already broken down. The goal of this form of maintenance is to restore operability to the system by either correcting the problem or replacing the damaged components.Multi-Vendor IT Infrastructure Maintenance & Data Center Support Services for enterprise technologies.

Improve Reliability

Capacity Management, Processing Power, Storage Availability, Cleaning, dust/dirt removal

Operating System

Version currency, Patching, Upgrading

Surface Mount Repairs

Electronic component and sub-assembly repair

System Life Extension

Out of Warrantee Maintenance and Support Services (SLA-based)