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Data security is a fundamental necessity for maintaining business continuity.

Nearly one-half of companies who fail to provide an effective disaster recovery plan for their data center do not reopen after experiencing a major data loss.

Can you afford to be one of them?

For over 20 years, SecureAgent Software® and Amcotec has been helping companies protect sensitive data. Many of the largest companies across the United States and throughout Europe use SecureAgent brand products in efficiently managing mission-critical areas of their daily operations. SecureAgent Software® products play an integral role in secure remote console access, data backup and data recovery, advanced automation, as well as secure tape backup and tape replacement.

SecureAgent Software® offers a suite of comprehensive solutions for business continuity management and contingency planning. Whether your needs are data center automation, off-site data backup, or console consolidation, we provide proven technologies for physical and virtual tape library (VTL) environments including ESCON, FICON, & fibre channel SCSI.

SecureAgent Software® is also a pioneer in the implementation of role-based access controls, and both commercial customers and the governmental sector use its products extensively to comply with evolving regulatory guidance. Among the companies using SecureAgent® products are three of the four largest US banks, two of the largest credit card processing companies, the nation’s two largest communications companies, the world’s largest stock exchange, the largest US airline, and the largest airline reservations companies in the US and Europe.

Whether you need to recover data after a disaster or control access to critical business systems and functions on a daily basis, SecureAgent Software® can tailor a secure data solution to fit your needs and budget.