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Software and Consulting Solutions for IT Environments


Software and Consulting Services Plan – Build – Run -Transfer

What makes us different?
We blend business acumen and technical knowledge to help business define and deliver systems that make business sense. Whether you need us to work on your hardware, your software or your people, we can help you develop technologies that liberate our business from the mundane. We have the right people for the job: our head technical experts are highly experienced, senior people with deep technical knowledge. We are solutions independent: we will find the right technology for your business problem, taking into account today’s realities and tomorrows eventualities. We believe in knowledge transfer:  we will train your people, bringing them up to speed with local and international best practice. We will leave you with a system that works, and with the tools to continue running it. All project documentation, systems and processes are yours.

The IBM System Z Environments we support:

  • z/OS
  • z/linux
  • Websphere
  • z/VM
  • z/VSE
  • Omegamon XE
  • VTAM
  • CICS
  • DB2
  • MQ
  • IMS
  • HSM

 The services we provide

  • Technical architecture – Infrastructure design with objective of meeting operational requirements in service level agreements. Interaction with management on technology solutions to business needs. Exploitation of new technologies. Performance Engineering
  • Configuration management – Creating new systems, allocations of files, parameter definitions
  • Product installation and maintenance – Installation of product from vendor supplied media, application of corrective maintenance and deployment of systems
  • Monitoring – Response management and 1st level support for automated correction of failures
  • 2nd level support – Problem resolution of failures not covered with automation
  • 3rd level support – Resolution of problems requiring dump reading and/or liaison with vendors
  • Education – Providing materials and training in aspects of product usage and new features as they become available

Utility Software – Consultancy & Software asset Management

Software Engineering of America

Rocket / Mainstar

Netapp On Command

Secure Agent


Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Associates offers essential information about our company, our capabilities, and our service offerings including:

  • Capabilities Statement
  • IT Engineering Services
  • z/VM
  • Linux on System z
  • Mission-Critical IT Systems Support
  • OpenAFS Support
  • NJE/IP Bridge
  • OpenSolaris for IBM System z Mainframes
  • Command and Control Center ratings
  • Design Services
  • Strategic IT Planning and Business Design Services
  • IT Training and Education Services
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Architecture and Backup System Design