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Are you looking for real opportunities to reduce the cost of your z/Os software budget while adding value to your Implementation?

Are you committed to improving your quality and automation objectives by making Best in Class Software Products available to your Infrastructure and Application Development Users?

Did you know that Software Engineering of America has been helping the worlds leading Mainframe Installations achieve a Cost Effective Batch Environment since 1982.  We serve over 1000 customer sites and we: 

  1. Offer a replacement suite of solutions to products you currently use
  2. Can save you up to 20% (and sometimes more) on your maintenance, lease and upgrade payments
  3. Offer turnkey delivery with minimal impact to your current environment
  4. In nearly 100% of our engagements we help implement superior product capabilities that add Significant value to IT operations beyond cost savings.
  5. Provide 24/7 worldwide Customer Support and Implementation Services

Replace your current product with an SEA solution in the following areas:

  • JCL Management
  • JCL Cross Reference
  • DASD Management
  • Output Management
  • Console Automation
  • Tape Media
  • Enterprise Impact Analysis
  • RACF Security –  Audit and Administration

Ask us if we can replace the solution you are currently using